Update 2 05/Jan/17

The code listed below no longer works, but they might still be giving out a new code via email. Try them at customerservice@springernature.com.

Update 05/Jan/17

It seems that they are extending the offer of £30 off indefinitely, so it's good news for those of you who didn't manage to catch this in time! Use the code HLDY16EP2 or drop them an email asking for a new code if that doesn't work.

So you've heard about the Palgrave Macmillan £30 discount?

Palgrave Macmillan are offering £30 off any book until 31st December, even a book under £30. I got a book for free, no postage and packing, no card details.

Even if you don't really want a book, you should get one anyway. Palgrave are part of Springer, a massive academic publisher who charge extortionate rates for accessing journals and buying books. In many cases, they even charge academics or institutions to publish in their journals — and then the institution's library has to pay for others to see it. This is a massive enclosure of knowledge. Take what you can from the bastards. If you don't want the book, donate it to a library.

Merry Christmas.

Email addresses

After you've bought a book, you can log out/clear your cookies and buy another one (and another, etc.) if you use a different email address. If you have a Gmail address, it's super easy to create a new email address that goes to your normal inbox, just add a '+' and some random junk to the end of your username.

So if your email is joe.bloggs@gmail.com, you can sign up with joe.bloggs+aardvark@gmail.com and it'll be a valid email address that goes to your inbox. As will joe.bloggs+aardwolf@gmail.com, and joe.bloggs+badger@gmail.com.

Searching for books under £30

Annoyingly, the site's search function doesn't let you filter by price — I found myself trawling through hundreds of pages of books that I couldn't afford.

So I made a bookmarklet.

If you drag and drop this link, Less than £30, to your bookmarks bar, then click it when you're on the search results page, it will hide any books that cost more than £30.

You're welcome.